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Fanaka ~
Swahili meaning:
We wish him every advantage & success

Who we are

Working together to find solutions for sustainable economic inclusion

The Fanaka Foundation was founded in response to the Covid-19 pandemic where there was a tremendous need in supporting people in South Africa. The Directors and Management of M4Jam found a solution to assist M4Jam Jobbers and beneficiaries on their platform. Over fifty-five thousand people were supported during this period with over twenty Million rands in the form of food hampers purchased from Spaza shops across South Africa, Training incentives, data and Grant funding raised.

It was during this process that the Fanaka Foundation NPC was founded to continue this into the future.

Our approach

Our Mission

Our mission is to make sure all South Africans get the ICT support they need, when they need it.

Whether it is a bursary, tools or data, we will make sure that support provided as quickly as possible to students and entrepreneurs who qualify for assistance.

Our Vision

To alleviate poverty by empowering South Africans that are subject to systemic poverty in using technology to bring tools, education and economic activity to where the need is
We want to create a dialogue where youth that is struggling in any way feel able to reach out and have people who’ll help them with funding for education, tools, assistance in entrepreneurial programs and more.

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